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“Evolution?- [ev.o.lu.tion] (noun) The gradual development of something into a more complex or better form.”

Introducing the most highly evolved offshore center console on the water, Bahama Boat Works along with two leaders in the boating industry- Scott Henley and Robert Sparks welcome you to join them at the summit.

After two decades of experience striving to bring you the best open fishing machine on the water the evolutionary process is complete. Beginning in 1990 Sparks and Henley saw a need for a boat that combined speed and a smooth ride, ample work space and storage, fish ability along with sexy lines. Starting with a proven performance hull and their knowledge of the needs of a fisherman, the first step in the process was completed. After several years of success with this project they listened to the wishes of the owners and took this boat to the next level. The new and improved version took on a more sophisticated look and finish work was stepped up to suit the demands of the evolving industry.


Bahama outsources virtually nothing in the construction process. We build all are tooling in-house. For exacting tolerances, it designs and tools the bottom using CNC computers.

The strong, lightweight composite hull consists of Armourflex gelcoat over AME 6000 T-35 vinylester resin for maximum osmotic blister resistance. The hand-laid hull receives three layers of 1 1/2-ounce biaxial fiberglass mat and vacuum-bagged PVC foam coring in the hull sides, while the bottom remains solid glass.

The four-stringer internal structure, which includes a “U” stringer for support in many directions, attaches to the Ceramica Metrix composite transom via a “knee.” Aluminum fuel tanks get glassed in place then surrounded by injected foam. We then vacuum-bag the liner into place while the hull stays in the mold to assure a true-to-design running surface.

Fishing amenities include one 60- and one 90-gallon livewell, the latter in-deck, as well as numerous fish and dry storage boxes. Notably, every hatch boasts a double O-ring seal that when combined with all-standard compression latches assures each compartment’s total watertight integrity.

Some of the unique features of the Bahama include double gaskets on each hatch, a hard O-ring in the deck channel, plus a softer neoprene gasket on the hatch. This method controls how much pressure you apply to the soft gasket so that it stays symmetrical and never loses shape.

All the hatches and boxes are heavily insulated. Bahama has virtually eliminated fasteners throughout. It takes much more work, but it makes for a very clean look when you use no visible screws, bolts or nuts. The console door features a mortised locking/handle mechanism with no visible fasteners.

Look under any surface, and find even the normally rough areas finished. Bahama seals the bilges with Lucite hatches so you can see what’s going on but not have water splashing up on your dry-storage stuff. The drain plug has a T-handle and is accessed from the inside of the boat: This is good whether you keep your boat on a lift behind your house or you want a poor man’s crash pump. You can leave it on the lift with the plug out for safety.

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